Accident Data Study of Concrete Construction Companies Similarities and Differences Between Qualified and Non Qualified Workers in Spain

The aim of this study is to discuss findings from an analysis of accidents in concrete construction companies in Spain and to compare the accident rates of qualified and non-qualified workers. A total of 125,021 accidents between 2003 and 2008 involving both blue-collar and white-collar workers were analysed, comparing the variables of occupation, age, company staff, length of service, location of the accident, together with the severity of the accidents. Results showed that lack of experience in the first month is more significant in non-qualified workers and experienced supervisors and that head injuries are more likely to lead to fatalities. The most remarkable similarity was that fatal accidents to and from the worksite are a problem common to both groups of workers.

López-Arquillos A, Rubio-Romero JC, Gibb A. ;Full Source: International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics. 2015 Aug 28:1-21. [Epub ahead of print] ;