Acute respiratory distress after exposure to chlorine dioxide-based disinfectant


A hospital cleaner developed acute respiratory distress after working with a chlorine dioxide-based disinfectant. The content of chlorine dioxide in the product is below the limit that would require the product to be labelled as hazardous to health, but we show with a simple estimation that the relevant threshold limit values for chlorine dioxide in the working atmosphere may be exceeded under normal use of the product. This may have implications for risk assessment of the use of such chlorine dioxide-based disinfectants and may warrant stricter regulations for labelling these products.

Authors: Erlend Hassel, Hans Thore Smedbold, Hilde Brun Lauritzen
; Full Source: Occupational medicine (Oxford, England) 2022 Aug 6;kqac078. doi: 10.1093/occmed/kqac078.