Adverse Human Health Effects of Chromium by Exposure Route: A Comprehensive Review Based on Toxicogenomic Approach


Heavy metals are defined as metals with relatively high density and atomic weight, and their various applications have raised serious concerns about the environmental impacts and potential human health effects. Chromium is an important heavy metal that is involved in biological metabolism, but Cr exposure can induce a severe impact on occupational workers or public health. In this study, we explore the toxic effects of Cr exposure through three exposure routes: dermal contact, inhalation, and ingestion. We propose the underlying toxicity mechanisms of Cr exposure based on transcriptomic data and various bioinformatic tools. Our study provides a comprehensive understanding of the toxicity mechanisms of different Cr exposure routes by diverse bioinformatics analyses.

Authors: Dong Yeop Shin, Sang Min Lee, Yujin Jang, Jun Lee, Cheol Min Lee, Eun-Min Cho, Young Rok Seo
; Full Source: International journal of molecular sciences 2023 Feb 8;24(4):3410. doi: 10.3390/ijms24043410.