Amorphous nanosilicas induce consumptive coagulopathy after systemic exposure

In a previous study, the authors reported that well-dispersed amorphous nanosilicas with particle size 70 nm (nSP70) penetrate skin and produce systemic exposure after topical application. These findings underscore the need to examine biology effects after systemic exposure to nanosilicas. The present study was designed to examine the biology effects. BALB/c mice were i.v. injected with amorphous nanosilicas of sizes 70, 100, 300, 1000 nm and then assessed for survival, blood biochemical, and coagulation. As a result, injection of nSP70 caused fatal toxicity, liver damage, and platelet depletion, suggesting that nSP70 caused consumptive coagulopathy. Additional, nSP70 exerts procoagulant activity in vitro associated with an increase in special surface area, which increases as diameter reduces. In contrast, nSP70-mediated procoagulant activity was absent in factor XII-deficient plasma. Collectively, the authors revealed that interaction between nSP70 and intrinsic coagulation factors such as factor XII, were deeply related to nSP70- induced harmful effects. In other words, it is suggested that if interaction between nSP70 and coagulation factors can be suppressed, nSP70-induced harmful effects may be avoided. These results would provide useful information for ensuring the safety of nanomaterials (NMs) and open new frontiers in biology fields by the use of NMs.

Authors: Nabeshi, Hiromi; Yoshikawa, Tomoaki; Matsuyama, Keigo; Nakazato, Yasutaro; Arimori, Akihiro; Isobe, Masaaki; Tochigi, Saeko; Kondoh, Sayuri; Hirai, Toshiro; Akase, Takanori; Yamashita, Takuya; Yamashita, Kohei; Yoshida, Tokuyuki; Nagano, Kazuya; Abe, Yasuhiro; Yoshioka, Yasuo; Kamada, Haruhiko; Imazawa, Takayoshi; Itoh, Norio; Kondoh, Masuo; Yagi, Kiyohito; Mayumi, Tadanori; Tsunoda, Shinichi; Tsutsumi, Yasuo. ;Full Source: Nanotechnology [online computer file] 2012, 23(4), 045101/1-045101/8 (Eng), Institute of Physics Publishing (Japan). ;