Analysis of the blood lead test result of 140,302 children patients in Harbin

This study aimed to understand the status of blood lead level of children in Harbin, and to prevent lead poisoning. The test result of blood lead level of 140320 patients from Jan 2009 to November 2010, and used BH-2100 automatic absorption spectrometer and special diluent to tested the content of blood lead. The results show that the blood lead level > 10 íg/dL was set as the abnormal detection standard. According to the analysis, the blood lead level of people had the close relationship with their ages and gender(P<0.05). Hence it is concluded that the lead poisoning of the children has the great harm for their growth, so the effective prevention and early treatment are crucial.

Authors: Li, Yue-Ying; Zhao, Zhi-Hong; Yang, Ming-Hua; Kan, Xiu-Mei ;Full Source: Jianyan Yixue Yu Linchuang 2011, 8(13), 1559-1560 (Ch) ;