Apparatus equipped with HEPA filter for removing polluting substances without contaminating ambient environments

The apparatus equipped with a HEPA filter comprises a work space formed in the inside; a gas discharge system for discharging air out of the work space by a blowing means; an air purification means installed in a flow channel of the gas discharge system; a shutter formed in front of the work space; an aperture part formed in the lower part of the shutter and in the work space; and a work stand placed in a lower part of the work space. An opening part for taking out the air purification means closed by a cover is formed near the work space and in the outer wall part of the apparatus; a detachable bag is attached to the opening part closed by the cover in a manner that the detachable bag shields the inside and the outside of the apparatus from each other so as to detach the bag from the outside of the apparatus, store the air purification means in the bag, and take out the air purification means containing bag. Without contaminating the ambient environments out of the apparatus with pollutants, a HEPA filter which collects the pollutants can be removed and replaced with a new HEPA filter. The apparatus may have a draft chamber or a safety cabinet for countermeasure against bio-hazards or chemical hazards.

Authors: Ono, Keiichi; Kaneko, Takeshi ;Full Source: Japan Kokai Tokkyo Koho JP 2012 531 (Cl. B01L1/00), 5 Jan 2012, Appl. 2010/134,971, 14 Jun 2010; 13pp. (Japan). ;