Assessment of water quality status in reference to statistical parameters in different aquifers of Balco industrial area, Korba, C.G. India

Nature has provided us all fundamental resources such as air, water and land for growth, development and survival. Water is a chief natural resource. However the safe water has become scarce commodity owing to huge blending of contaminated water. We have taken monthly as well as seasonal investigation of the water from different aquatic sources in Balco industrial area. Thirty water samples are collected from ten sites (BS1 to BS10) in 2L capacity containers (July 2009 to September 2009) for physical and chemical analysis especially selected heavy metals such as Fe, Al, Zn, Mn and As by recommended procedures. According to results obtained, it is suggested water sources are not suitable for human consumption, without former treatment.

Authors: Vaishnav, M. M.; Dewangan, S. ;Full Source: Research Journal of Chemical Sciences 2011, 1(9), 67-72 (England) ;