Automatic control and remote monitoring system of biotrickling filter for deodorisation by removal of hydrogen sulphide

The title system contains a biotrickling filter for removing H2S from odorous gas, an automatic control part for running the biotrickling filter, and a remote monitoring part communicating with the automatic control part, controlling the operation of the biotrickling filter and monitoring. The system can realise the optimal running of a carrier filling type biotrickling filter capable of supplying nutrient to a reactor for detecting and removing biochemical odorous gas containing H2S or backwashing microorganism of the reactor.

Author: Kim, Min Seong. ;Full Source: Repub. Korean Kongkae Taeho Kongbo KR 2012 19,946 (Cl. B01D53/84), 7 Mar 2012, Appl. 83,567, 27 Aug 2010; 31pp. (Korean) ;