Bacterial diversity in the aquatic system in India based on metagenome analysis-a critical review


Microbial analysis has become one of the most critical areas in aquatic ecology and a crucial component for assessing the contribution of microbes in food web dynamics and biogeochemical processes. Initial research was focused on estimating the abundance and distribution of the microbes using microscopy and culture-based analysis, which are undoubtedly complex tasks. Over the past few decades, microbiologists have endeavored to apply and extend molecular techniques to address pertinent questions related to the function and metabolism of microbes in aquatic ecology. Metagenomics analysis has revolutionized aquatic ecology studies involving the investigation of the genome of a mixed community of organisms in an ecosystem to identify microorganisms, their functionality, and the discovery of novel proteins. This review discusses the metagenomics analysis of bacterial diversity in and around different aquatic systems in India.

Authors: Jasna Vijayan, Vinod Kumar Nathan, Parvathi Ammini, Abdulla Mohamed Hatha Ammanamveetil
; Full Source: Environmental science and pollution research international 2023 Jan 21. doi: 10.1007/s11356-023-25195-2.