Bio-monitoring of automobile workers for lead contamination

Widespread use of metals in industrial activities has enhanced the occupational exposure to toxic metals as well as the health risk of metal hazards to human. Elemental analysis in the human tissues is the most common application of biological monitoring for screening, diagnosis and assessment of such exposure and risk. Among various biopsy materials, Blood, nails, hair, teeth and body fluids may be used as bio indicators for this purpose. The present study examines the quantitative detection (by atomic absorption spectrophotometer/AAS) for lead metal concentration in blood samples of persons who are working in garages and automobile workshops. This increased level of lead in humans causes many health problems like kidney disorder or failure, anaemia and some times hypertension, waterborne diseases.

Authors: Nahid, Parveen; Yadvendra, Rohan ;Full Source: International Journal of Pharmacy and Life Sciences 2013, 4(2), 2421-2424 (English) ;