Climate Toxicity: an increasingly relevant clinical issue in Cancer Care


In recent years the terms time and financial toxicities have entered the vocabulary of cancer care. We would like to introduce another toxicity: climate toxicity. Climate toxicity is a double-edge sword in cancer care. Increasing cancer risk by exposure to carcinogens, and consequently increasing treatment requirements leads to ever growing damage to our environment. This article assesses the impact of climate change on patients, the climate toxicity caused by both healthcare workers and healthcare facilities, and suggests actions that may be taken mitigate them.

Authors: Catherine S Weadick, Rachel J Keogh, Hailey K Carroll, Sandra Boldrin, Eibhlin Mulroe, Lucy Murphy, Bryan Sheils, Aisling Barry, Seamus O’Reilly
; Full Source: Journal of cancer policy 2023 Feb 9;100410. doi: 10.1016/j.jcpo.2023.100410.