Clinical analysis on electrolyte disorder during acute arsenic poisoning

Electrolytes, blood gas and CO2 combination proportion (CO2CP) of 11 patients with acute arsenic poisoning were detected. Blood K1+, partial pressure of CO2 (PaCO2), actual bicarbonate (AB), standard bicarbonate (SB), base excess (BS) and CO2CP in poisoned patients were significantly lower than those of healthy controls. It was indicated that electrolyte monitoring and blood gas analysis should be carried out during acute arsenic poisoning, and the disorder should be correlative in time.

Authors: Yu, Yihan; Qu, Yinzong; Guo, Yufei; Ji, Chunyan; Zhang, Jixian; Wang, Yi; Ling, Ruijie ;Full Resource: Zhongguo Gongye Yixue Zazhi 2011, 24(3), 183-184 (China) ;