Comparison of blood lead and renal function in workers exposed to lead

During the present study, the authors observed the changes of biochemical indexes in workers with renal injury resulting from lead. Sixty workers exposed to lead were chosen as the contact group and thirty-three persons not exposed were used as the control group. The contents of blood lead, urine total protein (UTP), â2-microglobulins (â2-MG) and serum creatinine (Cr) were analysed. The results showed that the contents of blood lead, UTP, â2-MG and Cr in contact group were significantly higher than those in control group (P<0.05). The authors concluded that based on the findings from the present study, â2-MG is a sensitive marker of renal injury at early stage.

Authors: Wu, Haiyan; Jin, Wenda; Zeng, Ranyuan; Sun, Yalan ;Full Source: Shiyong Yufang Yixue 2011, 18(4), 667-668 (Ch) ;