Contemporary work conditions and occupational morbidity in metallurgists

Based on analysis of materials provided by Central Council of Russian Federal Coal Miners Trade Union, the authors assessed contemporary work conditions and occupational morbidity among workers engaged in the iron industry. In these enterprises, a total of 68.4% of certified workplaces are assigned to hazardous and jeopardy class (3 and 4 degree of variable hazards). This study discusses a number of workplaces with various work condition classes in 9 metallurgy enterprises having considerable differences. The authors defined suggestions on improving activity to certify workplaces. In iron industry enterprises, level of occupational morbidity remains high (in 2010 – 17.85 cases per 10,000 workers examined), analysis revealed growth trend of the morbidity over 2002-2010. The morbidity materials are analysed for separate diseases, for occupational traits among female workers. The authors defined suggestions on preventing occupational morbidity among metallurgists.

Authors: Tchebotaryov, A. G.; Prokhorov, V. A. ;Full Source: Meditsina Truda i Promyshlennaya Ekologiya 2012, (6), 1-7 (Russian) ;