Control evaluation of radioprotection in construction project of SPECT/CT in A hospital

This study evaluated the control effect of radioprotection in the construction project of SPECT/CT in a hospital. According to relevant national standards and methods for radiation protection, the construction project was considered involving two kinds of radiation sources: radiopharmaceuticals (99roTc) generated ç-rays and the X-ray of CT, after the completion of the project, the protective effect of the workplace and the radiation levels around were comprehensively evaluated. Workers of different post received radiation at different doses: the hands of nurse in injection room (4 mSv/a), operations technician in scanning room (0.1 mSv/a), patient positioning technician (2.5 mSv/a). The authors concluded that the findings suggest that the project has a good shielding effect on radiological protection which accords with the relevant national standards.

Authors: Chen, Zhangfan; Xie, Ping; Zhang, Huimin; Huang, Yulong Full Source: Zhiye Yu Jiankang 2011, 27(23), 2669-2672 (Chinese) ;