Determination of mercury species in human blood using tandem GC-ICP MS

A simple method for the detection of methylmercury (MeHg+) with GC-ICP-MS in human venous blood is described. The blood sample preparation involves sonication-aided extraction with 6 M HCl/0.3 M NaCl mixture, adjustment to pH 4.7 with 6 M NaOH, and mercury species derivatisation with NaBPh4 with simultaneous extraction of reaction products into hexane. After method optimisation the blood MeHg+ detection limit was 86ng/L (as Hg) and the quantification limit 300 ng/L. The sample volume for repeated measurements was 150íL. The total Hg level in blood was detected by atomic absorption spectrophotometry with the amalgamation technique.

Authors: Serbin, Rastislav; Uhnakova, Iveta; Husekova, Zuzana; Ursinyova, Monika. ;Full Source: Chemicke Listy 2011, 105(11), 890-895 (Slovakia). ;