Development of a new fungicide, benthiavalicarb-isopropyl

Benthiavalicarb-iso-Pr is a novel fungicide belonged to the carboxylic acid amides (CAA) group. This compound is a highly selective fungicide that has superb preventive and curative effects on late blight and downy mildew caused by plant pathogens that belong to Oomycetes. Benthiavalicarb-iso-Pr strongly inhibits mycelia growth, zoo-sporangia germination and cystospore germination, and also inhibits the sporulation of Phytophthora infestans at a very low concentration. The fungicidal and disease controlling activities of benthiavalicarb-iso-Pr are characterised by its excellent preventive, curative, translaminar, systemic movement residual activities, its inhibitory activity toward lesion development and its rain fastness. These results suggest that the biological properties of benthiavalicarb-iso-Pr contribute to its excellent ability to control several diseases in the field.

Authors: Sakai, Junetsu; Miura, Ichiro; Shibata, Masaru; Yonekura, Norihisa; Hiyoshi, Hidetaka; Takagaki, Makiichi; Nagayama, Kozo ;Full Source: Journal of Pesticide Science (Tokyo, Japan) 2010, 35(4), 488-489, 501-507 (Japan) ;