Device consisting of containers attached to a pallet for transporting hazardous materials.

The invention relates to the field of transporting hazardous materials and specifically to a pallet that holds containers for receiving a liquid, for example an organic peroxide, which, for safety reasons, can only be transported in small amounts. The invention relates to a device that includes 2 to 20, and preferably 2 to 10, containers attached onto a pallet, said containers being intended to contain a hazardous material in liquid form, the containers all having a volume greater than 100L and preferably between 120 to 300 L.

Authors: Moellers, Martin; Tietze, Olaf; Schnell, Friedrich; Maj, Philippe. ;Full Source: PCT Int. Appl. WO 2011 92,424 (Cl. B65D85/84), 4 Aug 2011, FR Appl. 2010/50,595, 28 Jan 2010; 20pp. (France). ;