Dust outburst locking device

This study aimed to invent electrical process equipment, particularly electro-ionic process plants to be used in metallurgy, cement production, mining, etc. Proposed device consisted of two electrodes, one of them making a corona-forming electrode. The latter was made up of concentrically arranged cylindrical rings made from thin metal strip. Note here that end faces of said rings were located in one plane parallel to corona-forming electrode plane representing of cutting-out screen with 2-5 mm-mesh. The authors demonstrated a higher efficiency of locking and ensured simple servicing.

Authors: Volodin, G. I.; Nadtoka, V. I.; Nadtoka, I. I.; Khludeev, V. I.; Sidorenko, P. F.; Breslavets, V. P.; Bakhvalov, A. Yu.; Minkin, M. S. ;Full Source: Russ. RU 2,438,794 (Cl. B03C3/00), 10 Jan 2012, Appl. 2,010,123,094, 7 Jun 2010; 6pp. (Russ) ;