Effect of water disinfection type on adverse foetal outcomes

In the present study, the authors observed small increased risks of pre-term delivery (PTD) for chlorinated surface water, chlorinated groundwater, chloraminated water, and all other types of disinfected drinking water (range ) 1.09-1.20) versus untreated groundwater. Similar odds ratios (1.08-1.16) were detected for small-for-gestational-age (SGA) measurements and exposure to chlorinated surface water, chloraminated water, and other water disinfectants. A reduction in mean birth weight for these 3 exposure groups (29-39 g) was also observed. Small differences in mean birth weight (e16 g) were detected among chlorinated surface water users (versus chloraminated surface water), but odds ratios for SGA and PTD were comparable. Although associations were detected for disinfected drinking water exposure categories relative to untreated groundwater, the data suggested the risk of adverse birth outcomes among consumers of different types of disinfected drinking water were comparable in this study population.

Authors: Wright, J. Michael; Rivera-Nunez, Zorimar ;Full Source: Journal – American Water Works Association 2011, 103(10), 67-75 (Eng) ;