Employee green behaviour: How organizations can help the environment


Organizations are intrinsically involved in climate change – both in its causes and its solutions – and there has been a growing interest in the microfactors and macrofactors that affect employee green behaviour. On an employee level, the literature stresses the importance of values and self-concordance. On an organizational level, in contrast, recent developments emphasize environmental dynamic capabilities, leadership and human resource management practices such as training. However, an interplay between such microfactors and macrofactors suggests that organizational initiatives do not work uniformly but depend on employees’ environmentalism. We thus highlight the need for a dynamic systems perspective in researching all types of employee green behaviour in organizations.

Authors: Kerrie L Unsworth, Matthew C Davis, Sally V Russell, Christian Bretter
; Full Source: Current opinion in psychology 2020 Dec 24;42:1-6. doi: 10.1016/j.copsyc.2020.12.006.