Evaluation of cytotoxic, genotoxic and inflammatory responses of micro- and nano-particles of granite on human lung fibroblast cell IMR-90

Occupational exposure of granite workers is well known to cause lung impairment and silicosis. Toxicology profiles of different size particles of granite dust, however, are not yet understood. Present evaluation of micro- and nano-particles of granite dust as on human lung fibroblast cells IMR-90, revealed that their toxic effects were dose-dependent, and nano-particles in general were more toxic. In this study we first demonstrated that nanoparticles caused oxidative stress, inflammatory response and geno-toxicity, as seen by nearly 2 fold induction of ROS and LPO, mRNA levels of TNF-R and IL-1â, and induction in micronuclei formation. All these were significantly higher when compared with the effect of micro particles. Thus, the study suggests that separate health safety studies would be required for granite particles of different sizes.

Authors: Ahmad, Iqbal; Khan, Mohammed Imran; Patil, Govil; Chauhan, L. K. S. ;Full Source: Toxicology Letters 2012, 208(3), 300-307 (English) ;