Exposure Assessment to Dust and Free Silica for Workers of Sangan Iron Ore Mine in Khaf, Iran

In this study, the authors aimed to conduct an exposure assessment to dust and free SiO2 for workers of Sangan Fe ore mine in Khaf, Iran. The maximum concentrations of total dust and free SiO2 were measured in crusher machine station at 801 ( 155 and 26 ( 7 mg/m3, respectively. Meanwhile, the minimum concentrations were measured in official and safe guarding station at 8.3 (2 and 0.012 ( 0.002 mg/m3, respectively. In addition, the maximum concentrations of respirable dust and free SiO2 were measured in Tappeh Ghermez drilling number 1 at 66 ( 13 and 1.5 ( 0.4 mg/m3, respectively, while the minimum concentrations were measured in pneumatic hammer at 5.26 ( 3 and 0.01 ( 0.005 mg/m3, respectively. The authors concluded that in considering Iranian standard for respirable dust concentrations (0.11 mg/m3) and international standards (ACGIH ) 0.1 and NIOSH ) 0.05 mg/m3), dust and free SiO2 amounts were much higher than national and international standard levels in this mine.

Authors: Naghizadeh, Ali; Mahvi, Amir Hossein; Jabbari, Hossein; Derakhshani, Elham; Amini, Hassan ;Full Source: Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology [online computer file] 2011, 87(5), 531-538 (Eng) ;