Exposure sources and reasons for testing among women with low blood lead levels

Previous research has focused on highly elevated blood lead (PbB). In this study, the authors investigated reasons for testing and potential sources of exposure among women with PbBs less than 0.72 ímol/l (15 íg/dL). A questionnaire was mailed to 18- to 49-yr-old women in upstate New York, USA, who were PbB tested in 2007. The most common testing reason was pregnancy among 125 women who returned the questionnaire. Among women tested for PbB during pregnancy, doctors ordered approximately 80% of tests regardless of lead level. Few women with PbBs less than 0.24 ímol/l (5 íg/dL) reported a potential source of lead exposure. However, among women with PbBs of 0.24-0.71 ímol/L (5-14.9 íg/dL), 29.2% had a job and 21.2% had a hobby with potential lead exposure. The authors concluded that there are systematic differences in reasons for testing and exposure sources among women with PbBs less than 0.72 ímol/l and these differences have implications for screening.

Authors: Zhu, Motao; Fitzgerald, Edward F.; Gelberg, Kitty H. Full Source: International Journal of Environmental Health Research 2011, 21(4), 286-293 (Eng) ;