Exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals during Pregnancy and Weight at 7 Years of Age: A Multi-pollutant Approach

Prenatal exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) may induce weight gain and obesity in children, but the obesogenic effects of mixtures have not been studied. This study evaluated the associations between pre- and perinatal biomarker concentrations of 27 EDCs and child weight status at 7 years of age. In pregnant women enrolled in a Spanish birth cohort study between 2004 and 2006 the authors measured the concentrations of ten phthalate metabolites, bisphenol A, cadmium, arsenic, and lead in two maternal pregnancy urine samples, six organochlorine compounds in maternal pregnancy serum, mercury in cord blood, and six polybrominated diphenyl ether congeners in colostrum. Among 470 offspring at 7 years, body mass index (BMI) z-scores were calculated and overweight was defined as BMI >85th percentile. It was estimated associations with EDCs in single pollutant models and applied principal component analysis (PCA) on the 27 pollutant concentrations. In single pollutant models, HCB, ?HCH, PCB138, and PCB180 were associated with increased child BMI z-scores; HCB, ?HCH, PCB138, and DDE with overweight risk. PCA generated four factors that accounted for 43.4% of the total variance. The organochlorine factor was positively associated with BMI z-scores and with overweight (adj RRs tertile 3 vs 1: 2.59; 95% CI: 1.19, 5.63). These associations were robust to adjustment for other EDCs. Exposure in the second tertile of the phthalate factor was inversely associated with overweight. The authors concluded that prenatal exposure to organochlorines was positively associated with being overweight at age 7 years in our study population. Other EDCs exposures did not confound this association.

Authors: Agay-Shay K, Martinez D, Valvi D, Garcia-Esteban R, Basagaña X, Robinson O, Casas M, Sunyer J, Vrijheid M. ;Full Source: Environmental Health Perspectives. 2015 May 8. [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][Epub ahead of print] ;[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]