Filter for removing toxic and harmful gas

A filter to remove toxic, harmful gas is comprised of: a shell; a polluted air inlet and treated air outlet installed inside the shell; and air treatment/air circulating device installed inside the shell. The air treatment device has an air purification shell and composite treatment material inside same. The air treatment shell has at least one treatment dummy plate which divides the shell into left and right chambers with composite treatment materials I and II installed in the left and right chambers, respectively. This filter has a reasonable design and simple structure and provides safe, reliable space for trapped persons to avoid casualties during mine disasters.

Authors: Yang, Deshou; Tang, Peigui; Wang, Youzhen; Li, Guoxin; Jia, Zhenpeng. ;Full Source: Faming Zhuanli Shenqing CN 102,125,801 (Cl. B01D53/90), ;