Flow accelerated corrosion (FAC) and work safety in the context of lifetime extension of power equipment

Damage of the carbon steel material in the steam – water cycle of the Power plants by FAC (Flow Accelerated Corrosion) may lead to rupture of the pressure boundary and release of the fluid to the surroundings. As a result of a number of serious FAC failure incidents, action is required to ensure a better understanding of the phenomenon and to identify areas of potential damage. Even small damage caused by FAC requires corrective action, thereby influencing the reliability and availability of the power plant equipment. This is particularly important in the long-term operating power units in the areas where FAC is possible but have not been identified and inspected.

Authors: Gawron, Pawel; Danisz, Sylwia ;Full Source: Energetyka 2011, (12), 827-831 (Pol) ;