Hazardous effect of chemical ripeners

Most of the popular fruits which are seen fresh, delightful and luscious having pleasant aroma are treated with chemicals. Besides this, fruits lose their taste, aroma and nutritive value as because of premature early harvesting. All kinds of unscrupulous methods are used to ripen fruits artificially. Among the pre-treatments, which are mostly followed, intended for better consumer acceptance and facilitating better marketing is artificial ripening. Instead of traditional eco-friendly methods it is done to achieve faster and more uniform ripening characteristics. Majority of fruit sellers use calcium carbide for ripening the fruits which is extremely hazardous to the human body as it contains traces of arsenic and phosphorous. Thus, millions of consumers are at risk of short term and long term health hazards simply by eating fruits that are induced to ripen and nutrition changes over to malnutrition. The present paper reviews the hazardous effect of chemical ripeners on the fruit as well as human health.

Authors: Das, B. C.; Mohanty, R. B.; Mishra, B. ;Full Source: Journal of Teaching and Research in Chemistry 2011, 18(1), 22-28 (Eng), International Society of Teachers and Researchers in Chemistry (India). ;