Human biomonitoring [of arsenic]

This study focused on As biomonitoring project for the districts of Nova Lima and Santa Barbara, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Data showed that people in the communities of the Santa Barbara and Nova Lima districts were exposed to arsenic, albeit with very large individual differences. Children and adolescents seem to be more at risk than adults. The situation was very severe in one township only, the neighbourhood of Galo (Nova Lima). Here, As values in urine were above the threshold in every age group. Notably, the township is close to a derelict As trioxide factory in Morro do Galo that was closed down in 1975. This study drew the attention of local inhabitants and made them very much aware of the potential risks from both the natural presence of arsenic and enhanced dissipation due to mining.

Authors: Couto, Nilton; Mattos, Silvania; Matschullat, Jorg (Brazil) ;Full Source: Arsenic in the Environment 2011, 4(Arsenic: Natural and Anthropogenic), 153-167 (Eng) ;