Human hair as a biological indicator of heavy metal pollution in Ajmer

This study investigated the heavy metal content of human hair by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Samples were collected from 5 areas of Ajmer. The heavy metal content of human hair was used as a biological indicator of pollution. The results demonstrated that the highest concentration of lead (Pb) was found at Foy Sagar road [16.8 íg/g dry wt.], chromium (Cr) at Pushkar [11.7 íg/g], cadmium (Cd) at Pushkar [0.4 íg/g], copper (Cu) at Anasagar [38 íg/g] and zinc (Zn) at Anasagar [157.9 íg/g]. The authors concluded that based on the findings from this study, hair is a good biomonitor for assessing different levels of exposure to metal and can be used as indexes to body status in humans as well as for detecting certain diseases.

Authors: Sharma, Asha; Acharya, Rajeshwari; Savita, Anamika ;Full Source: Journal of Ecotoxicology & Environmental Monitoring 2011, 21(1 & 2), 13-18 (Eng) ;