Impact of ethyl acetate on workers’ occupational health

This study analysed the impact of ethyl acetate on workers’ health. The authors measured the concentration of Et acetate in the air of workplaces, according to the standard methods of GBZ/T 160-2004. In addition, the worker’s underwent an occupational examination, which was checked and analysed according to GBZ 188-2007. The results showed that the STELs of Et acetate in granulation rooms, mixed rooms, drying room and the stage of outdoor cleaning exceeded occupational standards, the TWAs of Et acetate in the stage of granulation, washing and making exceeded national standards. There was no statistical difference in the positive rate of eyes, nose, mouth and lung function between observation group and control group. The positive rate of throat and respiration system of observation group (34.2%, 43.6%) was significantly higher than that in the control group (22.5%, 25.8%), P< 0.05. the authors concluded that Et acetate has been found to impact on the workers' throat and respiratory system. The authors recommended that protection measures should be strengthened.

Authors: Yue, Hong; Wan, Hong; Chai, Wei-li; Kao, Xi-bin; Wang, Yu-ling; Wang, Hong ;Full Source: Zhongguo Weisheng Gongchengxue 2011, 10(5), 359-360 (Chinese) ;