In silico prediction of toxicity and its applications for chemicals at work


Objective and methods: This study reviewed the concept of in silico prediction of chemical toxicity for prevention of occupational cancer and future prospects in workers’ health. In this review, a new approach to determine the credibility of in silico predictions with raw data is explored, and the method of determining the confidence level of evaluation based on the credibility of data is discussed. I searched various papers and books related to the in silico prediction of chemical toxicity and carcinogenicity. The intention was to utilize the most recent reports after 2015 regarding in silico prediction.

Results and conclusion: The application of in silico methods is increasing with the prediction of toxic risks to human and the environment. The various toxic effects of industrial chemicals have triggered the recognition of the importance of using a combination of in silico models in the risk assessments. In silico occupational exposure models, industrial accidents, and occupational cancers are effectively managed and chemicals evaluated. It is important to identify and manage hazardous substances proactively through the rigorous evaluation of chemicals.

Authors: Kyung-Taek Rim
; Full Source: Toxicology and environmental health science.  2020 May 14;1-12. doi: 10.1007/s13530-020-00056-4. Online ahead of print.