Indirect land use change emissions related to EU biofuel consumption: an analysis based on historical data

This paper presented an explicit calculation of indirect land use change (ILUC) emissions from EU biofuel consumption. The approach included a straightforward methodology for quantifying ILUC, based on assumptions and on data that was readily available. The calculations showed that ILUC emissions alone could shift the CO2 balance for biofuels from reductions to more emissions relative to fossil fuels. This calculation was largely based on historical data, which reduces uncertainty compared to forward looking modelling approaches. However, some of the uncertainties remain. The authors concluded that the advantage of this approach is that it can easily be reproduced, which may add to the acceptability in the domain of policy making.

Authors: Overmars, Koen P.; Stehfest, Elke; Ros, Jan P. M.; Prins, Anne Gerdien. ;Full Source: Environmental Science & Policy 2011, 14(3), 248-257 (Eng) ;