Integrative air purification and refrigeration apparatus used in underground refuge or rescue capsule of coal mine

An integrated air purification/refrigeration applying for subsurface coal mining refuge or rescue capsule is comprised of a reaction body with an air inlet and air outlet. An explosion-proof fan positioned at the air inlet; and drying, deodorisation, CO2 adsorption, CO catalysis, and chemical refrigeration layers sequentially, separate installed from the air inlet end to the air outlet end inside the reaction body, all of which are mutually connected. This low cost apparatus has a small footprint, is simply regulated, and conveniently used with highly efficient good air treatment.

Authors: Sun, Qingmin; Zhou, Jianmin; Zhang, Jianzhong; Zhang, Chuanzhi ;Full Source: Faming Zhuanli Shenqing CN 102,269,011 (Cl. E21F11/00), 7 Dec 2011, Appl. 10,196,211, 14 Jul 2011; 5pp. (Ch) ;