Investigation of normal value of urine mercury among 250 cases of healthy people in Shijiazhuang city

In this study, the authors explored the normal value range of urine mercury of healthy people. The fasting urine sample was collected in the morning, detection of creatinine and urine mercury was performed by WS/T97 and atomic fluorescence spectrometry. The upper limit of 95% urine mercury normal value of 250 cases healthy people in Shijiazhuang was 14.3 íg/g creatinine; no significant difference between genders (P>0.05); no significant difference existed between smokers and the overall (P>0.10). The authors concluded that the findings from the present study of the urine mercury normal value of healthy people has important significance in local mercury poisoning prevention and occupational disease diagnosis.

Authors: Wu, Mingjun; Dong, Bofang; Liu, Hongpeng; Wang, Shujun; Zhao, Fei; Ren, Qingliang ;Full Source: Zhiye Yu Jiankang 2011, 27(22), 2622-2623 (Chinese) ;