Investigation on occupational hazards in adhesive plaster enterprises of Changshu City

In this study, the authors investigated the occupational hazards associated with an adhesive plaster enterprise in Changshu City. Occupational hazards in the workplace were detected and evaluated, and workers were examined occupationally according to relevant standards. The main occupational hazards in the 6 adhesive plaster enterprises were benzene, toluene and xylene. Workplace air detection showed qualified rate of toluene was 50%, which was significantly different with that of benzene and xylene (P<0.05), the qualified rate of toluene was relatively low. Health examination results showed the abnormal rate of blood routine was relatively high (25.0%). the authors concluded that based on the findings, the occupational health situation of the adhesive plaster enterprises is not optimistic. It is necessary to strengthen occupational health supervision and monitoring, protective measures and process transformation.

Authors: Gong, Li-qiang; Chen, Yang ;Full Source: Zhiye Yu Jiankang 2012, 28(20), 2460-2461 (Chinese) ;