Investigation on occupational hazards in coating workshop of an automobile manufacturer

The occupational hazards status in benzene-free coating workshop of an automobile manufacturer was investigated. A Occupational health epidemiological investigation was performed in this workshop, and an occupational health examination was performed on workers. The workplace air chemicals were all in line with the national standard. Noise intensity was 69.4-90.1 dB (A), 3 points (37.5%) over standard. 12.4% of workers who received an occupational health examination appeared to have biochemically immune abnormalities. 12.0% showed ENT symptoms in various degree, 6.3% of the routine blood abnormalities, 24.9% ECG abnormalities. 2.1% B-sonographs displayed different degrees of fatty liver. The authors concluded that chemical factors are accorded to national limits, but still produce a certain degree of hazards. The main symptoms shown in the blood biochemistry of the subjects include ENT, ECG and liver damage.

Authors: Liu, Chuan; Zhang, Shougang ;Full Source: Zhiye Yu Jiankang 2011, 27(23), 2685-2687 (Chinese) ;