Levels of toxic chemical elements in organisms of state fire-fighting service employees

In this study, the authors undertook an analysis of the concentration of toxicant chemical elements in fire-fighters in Saint-Petersburg. Ninety men working at the State Fire-Fighting Service (SFFS) and residing in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region were examined. Apparently healthy men (34 people) who are not subjected to negative occupational influences were examined as a control group. The analysis of chemical composition of hair and blood serum samples were carried out to estimate the concentration of toxicant bioelements in the subjects. The concentration level of macro and microelements in bioprobes was detected using method of mass spectrometry on quadrupole mass analyser (X-SERIES II ICP-MS) with inductively coupled argon plasma according to methodical instructions. The results demonstrated higher concentrations of aluminium, cadmium and plumbum in the hair and blood serum samples of the fire- fighters compared to the control group, thus there exists an accumulation of toxicant elements in SFFS personnel. The authors concluded that based on the findings from this study, preventive and treatment measures should be considered to ensure a high work capacity and occupational health of SFFS personnel.

Authors: Shantyr, I. I.; Vlasenko, M. A.; Yakovleva, M. V.; Ushal, I. E.; Kharlamychev, E. M. ;Full Source: Voprosy Biologicheskoi, Meditsinskoi I Farmatsevticheskoi Khimii 2011, (9), 56-59 (Russian) ;