Major ion chemistry of groundwater in rural area of Kattanguru, Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh, India

The present study was undertaken to assess major ion chemistry of groundwater to understand the groundwater quality for promoting sustainable development and effective management of groundwater resources. A total of 18 water samples were collected from selected parts of the rural area of Karangur and the water chemistry of various ions. Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+, CO32-, HCO3-, Cl, SO42-, F- and NO3- are carried out. The nitrate appeared as a major problem of safe drinking water in this region. The authors recorded highest nitrate concentration, i.e., 70 mg/L in four groundwater locations. A comparison of groundwater quality in relation to drinking water quality standards revealed that four groundwater locations are not suitable for drinking.

Authors: Narsimha, A.; Sudarshan, V.; Srinivasulu, P.; Geetha, S.; Rama Krishna, B. ;Full Source: Advances in Applied Science Research 2012, 3(6), 4003-4009 (England) ;