Medical cannibus as an alternative for opiods for chronic pain: A case report


Opioid medication-related deaths have increased to epidemic proportions in the last decade. This report describes a case of 43-year-old female with a traumatic brain injury who developed chronic pain and opioid dependence. The patient expressed concerns and wanted weaning off opioids. Recent legalization of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania allows us to try it as an alternative to opioids for chronic pain. Medical cannibus has risks associated with administration but is safer than opioids. Our patient was successfully weaned off her opioid medications with the help of medical cannibus and pain remained well controlled. More studies need to be done on using medical cannibus as an alternative to opioids.

Authors: Caldera FE
; Full Source: SAGE Open Medical Case Reports.2020 Feb 12;8:2050313X20907015. doi: 10.1177/2050313X20907015. eCollection 2020.