Method and apparatus for improving personnel safety and performance using logged and real-time vital sign monitoring

Group (including, without limitation, occupational work forces) safety and wellness monitoring utilises baseline physiological testing and vital sign monitoring and sampling technologies. Aerobic capacity of individual members of a group is determined through initial baseline testing which results in an individual health risk assessment. Thereafter non-invasively observed and monitored during incremental work and exercise is commenced. Subsequent data collected is used for advance identification of personnel at risk of injury, such as during unexpected vital sign elevations that can signal early onset of fatigue and heat stress/dehydration prior to injury.

Authors: Henry, Barry J.; Howell, Chad E. ;Full Source: U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. US 2012 10,488 (Cl. 600-365; A61B5/145), 12 Jan 2012, US Appl. 2010/PV360,542, 1 Jul 2010; 8pp. (U.S.A.). ;