Method for desomorphine dependence diagnosis in patients with thermal burns

In the present study, the authors disclose a method for desomorphine dependence diagnosis in patients with thermal burns. The invention relates to medicine, in particular to addictology, psychiatry and combustiology. Aetiology and localisation of burns, presence of associated pathology are identified, psychology and social portrait of patient is determined. In case of the injury caused by flame, discrepancy of burn injury localisation and burn disease severity with patient’s description of circumstances under which it was obtained, smell of chemical substance burning and soot, localisation of burns on face, neck and posterior surface of body, hands, forearms, presence of airway burns, symptoms of lymphangiitis, lymphangiitis, phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, presence of behaviour in absence of critics with stable mental disorders, absence of job or study, desomorphine dependence is diagnosed in patient. If several patients with analogous aetiology and localisation of burns, associated pathology, psychology and social portrait, group desomorphine dependence is diagnosed. Method makes it possible to obtain clinical criteria of diagnosing desomorphine dependence in patients with thermal burns.

Authors: Gizatullin, T. R.; Zinatullin, R. M.; Khunafin, S. N.; Kataev, A. V.; Khatmullina, K. R.; Yuldashev, V. L. ;Full Source: Russ. RU 2,452,362 (Cl. A61B5/00), 10 Jun 2012, Appl. 2,011,117,149, 28 Apr 2011; 10pp. (Russ). ;