Method for diagnosis of endogenous intoxication syndrome in workers in petrochemical and chemical industries

In this study, the authors describe a method for diagnosing the syndrome of occupational endogenous intoxication includes detection of protein-related medium weight molecules (MWM) by direct UV spectrophotometry of supernatant from blood serum deproteinated by protein precipitation with trichloroacetic acid. The supernatant absorbances are measured at 238, 254, and 280 nm. A MWM index is calculated as the sum of two absorbance ratios (280/254 +238/280 nm). When the MWM index is >4.5, endogenous intoxication is diagnosed. The authors concluded that the method increases the accuracy and reliability of endogenous intoxication syndrome diagnosis and may serve as a prognostic tool for the prediction of development of occupational diseases in workers of petrochemical and chemical plants.

Authors: Badamshina, G. G.; Timasheva, G. V.; Karimova, L. K.; Bakirov, A. B.; Valeeva, E. T.; Gizatullina, D. F. ;Full Source: Russ. RU 2,475,749 (Cl. G01N33/52), 20 Feb 2013, Appl. 2,011,141,670, 13 Oct 2011; 7pp. (Russ). ;