Method for judging coal mine gas explosion induced secondary fire mechanism

The title method comprises the steps of: analysing the thermal environment of coal mine gas explosion; performing quick pyrolysis experiment of underground combustible in the coal mine, and analysing the product of the pyrolysis experiment; and judging the burning condition of the combustible using sufficient and necessary condition for combustion according to the thermal environment of gas explosion and analysis conclusion of the product of the pyrolysis experiment. The method can be used for judging the coal mine gas explosion induced secondary fire mechanism, providing technical support for secondary fire prevention after gas explosion, and thus reducing casualties and property loss.

Authors: Duan, Yulong; Zhang, Qinghua; Han, Wenji; Liang, Jun; Li, Xiangdong; Qin, Muguang; Cui, Junfei; Deng, Ganbo; Ma, Guolong; Tang, Hanying; Yang, Shouguo ;Full Source: Faming Zhuanli Shenqing CN 102,287,232 (Cl. E21F17/00), 21 Dec 2011, Appl. 10,196,263, 13 Jul 2011; 14pp. (Ch). ;