Method of evaluating a fuel injector

This study discusses the exhaust gas receiver, internal combustion engine and method for selective catalytic reduction. An exhaust gas receiver that is connectable to an internal combustion engine for receiving exhaust gases from the engine, the exhaust gas receiver comprising a receiver chamber, at least one exhaust inlet, at least one exhaust outlet and a reducing agent duct, at least a portion of the reducing agent duct being arranged inside the receiver chamber for heating the reducing agent before the reducing agent is mixed with the exhaust gases. The invention also concerns an internal combustion engine and a method for selective catalytic reduction. Authors: Sadinmaeki,Jukka; Suominen, Ari; Solla, Anu; Widjeskog, Klaus Full Source: Finland Application 2011/5,130, 10 Feb 2011; 20pp (English) In this study, a method of calibration of at least one fuel injector for a fuel burner in an exhaust gas treatment system for an internal combustion engine was suggested. The inventive method was adapted for an exhaust gas system having the fuel burner mounted upstream of a diesel particle filter (DPF). The method of calibration was performed during an idle speed of the combustion engine, to assure a constant temperature of the burner during the calibration. Hence, the method was started when a first steady temperature is registered in the fuel burner, wherein at least one fuel injector, is operated with a first pulse width. The first temperature of an exhaust gas was registered directly downstream of the fuel burner and after this, the pulse width of the fuel injector changed into a second pulse width, which was different from the first pulse width.

Author: Moren, Mats ;Full Source: Application 2011/SE22, 8 February 2011; 26pp(English) ;