Mixed gas separating device for infrared sintering furnace

This study aimed to design a mixed gas separating device for infrared sintering furnace. It comprised an air inlet- and outlet- port arranged on a furnace body top cover of the infrared sintering furnace. An air absorption cover was arranged on the air inlet port and connected to a gas fluid director. A gas injection port which capable to inject a source gas with a certain pressure, was arranged on the gas fluid director. The gas fluid director was connected to a condensation cavity through a gas inlet pipe; and connected to the air outlet port through a gas discharge pipe. This device demonstrated the ability to separate and collect useful nitrogen gas and harmful tin dioxide smoke and rosin smog in mixed gas to reduce environmental pollution, and able to increase sintering capability of the infrared sintering furnace. The authors concluded that this device increased yield of sintered object.

Authors: Lu, Lixin; Tong, Shaohua; Sun, Yi ;Full Source: Faming Zhuanli Shenqing CN 102,297,600 (Cl. F27D7/06), 28 Dec 2011, Appl. 10,145,269, 31 May 2011; 7pp. (Ch). ;