Occupational Exposure to Mycotoxins-Different Sampling Strategies Telling a Common Story Regarding Occupational Studies Performed in Portugal (2012-2020)


In occupational settings where exposure to organic dust occurs (e.g., intensive animal production, waste management, farming and many others) workers can also be exposed to mycotoxins. However, recognizing exposure to mycotoxins in workplace environments does not happen commonly and, consequently, remains as a not identified occupational risk factor. In the last decade, work developed in different occupational settings, using different sampling approaches reported that occupational exposure to mycotoxins occurs and it’s of upmost importance to be seen as an occupational concern that needs to be tackled. This paper intends to discuss the several possibilities available for assessing and characterizing the occupational exposure to mycotoxins through the description of the advantages and limitations of the different sampling strategies. Overviewing the approaches and the main achievements used in several field campaigns developed in Portugal, the knowledge obtained will be used to support the identification of the main aspects to consider when designing new occupational studies. The need for additional research work will also be discussed where new directions to follow will be debated.

Authors: Susana Viegas, Carla Viegas, Carla Martins, Ricardo Assunção
; Full Source: Toxins 2020 Aug 11;12(8):E513. doi: 10.3390/toxins12080513.