Occupational Hazards of Dermatology: A Comprehensive Review


Dermatology involves various occupational hazards that threaten the safety of practicing dermatologists and may often go unrecognized and ignored. These dangers may appear minor but with the daily volume of patients examined by dermatologists do pose significant health risks. A review of the occupational hazards and exposures frequently encountered in the field of dermatology would be beneficial for both dermatologists and patients. In this review, we conducted a comprehensive search of published studies from inception to May 30, 2021 using the terms “dermatology,” “occupational exposure,” and “biohazard” in PubMed-MEDLINE, Google Scholar, Embase, and Cochrane Central to summarize occupational hazards in dermatology. (SKINmed. 2022;20:177-184).

Authors: Christina D Enescu, Joshua Brady, Reem Kashlan, Mehdi Farshchian, Meena Moossavi
; Full Source: Skinmed 2022 Jun 30;20(3):177-184.