Occupational Hazards of Orthopedic Surgery Exposures: Infection, Smoke, and Noise


The orthopedic environment exposes surgeons and staff to infection, surgical smoke, and high levels of noise. It is helpful to understand how exposure increases risk for adverse health consequences. Protective equipment, safety protocols, and instrument modification can reduce exposure to hazards. When modifications to practice are made, they must be evaluated to ensure they do not introduce new hazards or impede the use of instruments. Despite evidence of risk, protective measures are seldom employed in orthopedic practice. Wider implementation of protection for clinicians may not occur unless the same hazards are shown to impact patient outcomes.

Authors: David Kugelman, Campbell G Weppler, Cooper F Warren, Claudette M Lajam
; Full Source: The Journal of arthroplasty 2022 Mar 15;S0883-5403(22)00315-1. doi: 10.1016/j.arth.2022.03.034.