On-site and off-site atmospheric PBDEs in an electronic dismantling workshop in south China: Gas-particle partitioning and human exposure assessment

Gas samples and total suspended particle during work and off work time were investigated on-site and off-site electronic waste dismantling workshop (I- and O-EWDW), then compared with plastic recycling workshop (PRW) and waste incineration plant (WIP). TSP concentrations and total PBDE were 0.36-2.21 mg/m3 and 27-2975 ng/m3 at different workshops, respectively. BDE-47, -99, and -209 were major ?PBDE congeners at I-EWDW and WIP, while BDE-209 was only dominant congener in PRW and control sites during work time and all sites during off work time. The gas-particle partitioning result was well correlated with the subcooled liquid vapour pressure for all samples, except for WIP and I-EDWD, at park during work time, and residential area during off work time. The predicted urban curve fitted well with measured æ values at O-DEWD during work time, whereas it was slightly overestimated or underestimated for others. The exposure assessment revealed the highest exposure site was I-EDWD. The authors concluded that the findings of this study may serve as a valuable reference for future risk assessment and environmental management in Guiyu, South China.

Authors: An, Taicheng; Zhang, Delin; Li, Guiying; Mai, Bixian; Fu, Jiamo ;Full Source: Environmental Pollution (Oxford, United Kingdom) 2011, 159(12), 3529-3535 (Eng) ;